Change Running As to www:data


If you were installed from LiteSpeed repository. You can try
1. edit user & group from `/usr/local/lsws/conf/httpd_config.conf`
2. then reinstall it by command `apt-get -y install --reinstall openlitespeed `


I remember that a simple restart may not help to update all the files/folders permission. But if restart works for you, then it's good.


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How can I check? I did a htop and sorted by command, most of OLS run as www-data now but two are root is that normal?

Regarding files and folders, the lsws folder is root, but some meaningful ones in it are www-data or lsadm, (those that I expect OLS to write to). Could you please check if it's okay like this:

I set PHP (external application) to run as the user whose home directory hosts the document root. I was under the impression that it's PHP that does most of the reads/writes from/to files so it benefits most from running as the correct user.