CLI tool for OLS

Hi, I'm currently trying out WordPress on the OLS. But I'm missing some CLI tool like Easy Engine/Webinoly/WordOps, where is server tuned up (i.e.: security headers) and also I can easily create wildcard LE, set multiple domains, change/upgrade PHP, configure SMTP for postfix etc.

Is there anything similar? Only one I found is 1-click with WP, but then I'm bit lost (no easy way to upgrade OLS, change PHP). Thanks!
Have you got chance to check ?

For example: upgrade OLS
change PHP:

You'd better slit different questions into a different thread if you want to do something in particular but could not find it from the KB. We can try our best to update/improve our KB to answer your questions. Some functions are not web server realated at all, such as configure SMTP for postfix. It more like control panel function.
I know about KB, but to be honest it should be improved. I found that cloud image script is working pretty fine, but strangely cloud image has also some kind of KB. Would be nice to have all in one place.
Thank for your feedback. We are constantly changing and improving the OLS KB at the moment and it is true that it still needs a lot of work. Please don't hesitate to let us know if you could n't find any KB for specific top or something not clear, we will update/add new KB to make it more clear as the case by case basis.

We do have a site and eventually, all KBs, wikis, tutorials will be migrated there. It is going to be a big effort and take a long time.

Thank you again for the feedback. let us know whenever you have any questions and we will update our doc to make more clear.