Configuring for H5P Wordpress

Colin W

New Member
Recommendations on server / wp cache configuration for H5P?

I use a Wordpress plugin from to provide an interactive layer for videos from Vooplayer. (example)
I use the embed codes from this in a number of other sites so I am planning to create a separate vps with Litespeed, Cyberpanel, Wordpress and Litespeed Wordpress cache, H5P plugin and pretty much nothing else.

I'm a total novice with linux, ssh, cacheing and pretty much anything host related or server side - so I'm looking for suggestions/recommendations on how to configure the server and the WP cache settings.

I'd also appreciate advice/suggestions on a vps provider. I'm leaning towards Linode so I can copy/paste into their terminal and I can upgrade and downgrade the server from time to time server as required by the traffic I get.
Thanks for these references they look useful. Sorry my post was too vague for you, I’ll try be more succinct below.
Any tips on using the H5P Wordpress plugin with litespeed cache?