Connection idle time too long

I'm getting this error.
And sometimes after a flood of this error, I end up with a 503 error.
how can i solve?
OpenLiteSpeed Version: 1.7.17

2023-06-30 05:58:21.770418 [INFO] [31052] [] Connection idle time too long: 376 while in state: 10 watching for event: 4588553, close!

There is a thread like the one posted in the past, but it doesn't seem to have solved the problem.


That log means idle, but it did not include the real reason.
Could you also share the output of the `top` command while the issue happening? Usually, it is due to PHP hitting the Max Connections limit, you can also try to increase it a little bit higher.
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Please try to upgrade OLS to version v1.7.18, then empty the Memory Soft Limit (bytes), Memory Hard Limit (bytes), Process Soft Limit, and Process Hard Limit value from the web admin > External App > PHP version you are using. Then test it again and let us know if it works.