DigitalOcean cloud image: where's MariaDB + PHP7.3?


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following my friend's advice, I've decided to use OpenLiteSpeed and DigitalOcean for one of my projects. He linked me the documentation for cloud images which he used for his Wordpress setup, telling me that the preinstalled packages included the latest version of MariaDB and PHP. In the documentation I see this package list:

Package Installation
But when I try to create the droplet, DigitalOcean proposes me a different image, with MySQL and PHP 7.2. Is there a way to load the cloud image described in the documentation, or is the documentation outdated?

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Thank you very much, it worked!
For some reason, DigitalOcean's OpenLiteSpeed Wordpress Cloud Image page shows the wrong package list (MySQL instead of MariaDB, PHP 7.2 instead of PHP 7.3, no redist, no memcached), but as soon as I could check, I found it's all there, as described in OLS documentation.

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Thank you, just updated.
We didn't list all packages by following Digitalocean's guide that vendors should display the most important packages only (<=5).