directadmin all options for changes are disabled


Openlitespeed's Webadmin Console does not work with Directadmin currently and is only available in Read-Only Mode. Everything you need to edit must be done directly using Directadmin.

Such as Rewrite Rules can be directly used with .htaccess, and Directadmin also has an option to Auto-Restart OLS when it detects a change in Rewrite Rules(.htaccess).



Can you clarify your question?
If why can not make changes to OLS web admin console on DA, seems it has been well explained.
If why Recaptcha still not woking on OLS, information you provided is still insuffient to understand how you configurate. I did see you copy exact rerewrite rule as " RewriteCond SOME-CONDITIONAL-CHECK " in your screenshot, if it is your real configuration, then SOME-CONDITIONAL-CHECK will need to be replaced to real condition or just remove that line without any condition.
I'm a DA&OLS user. I understand that webadmin console is in read-only mode to avoid issues with DA but... I didnt found documentation about config file variable names to reproduce webadmin console options.
Can you point me to the right place? Thanks