Directadmin configuration files for DirectAdmin - missing parameters


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I checked for the configuration details inside the config files for directadmin.

A lot of them are missing and I was wondering where to find them?

For example:

MaxMind GeoIP DB: Whats the value and config file to set db file path and name?
Use Client IP in Header: Whats the value to put in the config file?
And more..:
IP2Location DB File Path
DB Cache Type
Temporary File Path
Temporary File Permission
Pass Upload Data by File Path


Due to OLS configurations on DA are read-only at the moment, you can vi edit directly to the file to add directives directly. You may need a test server to set settings to be able to know the directive syntax, then copy over.


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I dont have a test server, would appreciate if the docs would include everything one can configuure.. or can you at least provide a config set, that includes all configureable parameters?

EDIT: I am aware, that I have to edit the config files, I am missing the parameters, that I have to write in the config files to activate and configure these options by editing the files, some of them I have listed above.
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Thank you for your feedback. We are planning to have a list of directives of OLS at the moment but it may take some time. Before it becomes available, get directives from standard OLS installation could be the only way.

DirectAdmin slit standard OLS configuration into many include files hence the configurations are read-only and you can not edit them through Web Admin console. We are also working on the editable features as well by working closely with DA developer but it requires a lot of effort as well and it may take some time as well.

Install OLS on your local VMware or virtual box could be very easy, or just grasp an OLS image from DigitalOcean/AWS/GoogleCloud, make changes through OLS web admin and copy the directive over to your DirectAdmin box, then delete the DigitalOcean/AWS/GoogleCloudcould be the current alternative solution instead of waiting for two features ( full list of OLS directives or editable in OLS admin on DA).

From the KB you mentioned , it only covers the default configurations after installation, all the rest configuration will inheritance default settings, if you want to customize them, the above-mentioned method could be the only workaround to find the right syntax at the moment.

I just followed the same method and get these configuration directives for you, you can do the same to find the rest yourself.

Use Client IP in Header ( Trusted IP Only ) -> useIpInProxyHeader 2

MaxMind GeoIP DB ->

geoipdb /usr/local/share/GeoIP/GeoLite2-Country.mmdb {

IP2Location DB File Path ->

ip2locDB {
ip2locDBFile /usr/local/share/GeoIP/ip2locationdb
ip2locDBCache FileIo

uploadTmpDir /tmp/lshttpd/
uploadTmpFilePermission 666
uploadPassByPath 1



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Thank you and sorry for the late reply.
Any update on the list yet? What would be the naming in httpd-perclientconnlimit to turn on " Block Bad Request"?