Disk Usage is high and increases constantly

My site https://www.copperreflections.com/ is hosted on LiteSpeed web server and VPS provided by contabo
Setup on Openlitespeed and Cyber panel.

Disk Usage is high and increases constantly. Need to clean up all logs and make automatic clean by cron job. VPS system logs. If possible, disable the access log.

Please let me know if I have to open a ticket and make a payment to disable huge log openlitespeed cyberpanel.

I will appreciate your advice.



Hi Tony,
Did you set up the server or do you have access to the server and control panel? If so, you can simply find & disable it.
Thank you.
Someone else set up everything and he does not answer.
Can you please show me how to find & disable it step by step?
I will appreciate your help.

Best wishes in the New Year,


web admin > Server Configuration > Log, set Debug Level to None
If you see Access Log, set Keep Days to 1 or remove everything.

web admin > Virtual Hosts > xxx > Log, update settings, or remove everything if you want.