With Apache I can decide where my tree of documents will be stored, using DOCUMENT_ROOT
With Nginx I can my use the root directive

I cannot find an equivalent in Openlitespeed. All attempts to find this talk about setting up vhosts
within the (immutable?) DOC_ROOT.

Can anybody, please, steer me to the answer?
I left for a few days in the hopes that someone would understand than forcing the main DOCUMENT_ROOT to be held on the computer's root partition is not a clever idea.

Obviously, Cold-Egg cannot distinguish the main root of the server and the virtual servers *under* those.

Had you read my original post the would have seen that I specifically wanted to move the SERVER root - not a virtual server held in an unsuitable root location.. I repeated that I was not looking to change only the vhost locations - I can read and I can configure vhosts.

I have to surmise that it is not possible to configure the root location, which makes totally unusable for me and means that I will - reluctantly - give up openlitespeed and revert to apache or nginx.


You are right, and I still don't understand your question.

$SERVER_ROOT is the directory where OLS was installed to.
$DOCUMENT_ROOT can be set to anywhere when you define a virtual host.

If you want to move the $SERVER_ROOT, then why do you keep saying "DOCUMENT_ROOT"?
Perhaps because, as explained, DOCUMENT_ROOT in the original question, it is the root of tree of all documents called DOCUMENT_ROOT in Apache,

It seems that openlitespeed call it SERVER_ROOT but does not seem to have a configuration option.

Moreover, when talking where vhosts files are situated, openlitespeed refers to the DOCUMENT_ROOT in the same way as Apache

I do want try openlitespeed, but only if the DOCUMENT_ROOT (on onece only called SERVER_ROOT only) can be configured. Both Apache hold main configuration files, as expected, in /etc and the document is elsewhere.