email and cloudflare

I use open lite speed ver 1.7.4 with cyberpanel.
I have connected an email accound with gmail succesfully.
The only thing is that the pop3 server is the same as the domain name.
When i tried to connect with i can't get gmail to connect.
I have decided to use cloudflare as proxy.
When i changed the nameservers (with the ones provided by cloudflare) gmail stopped working.
When i turn cloudlfare off (grey icon next to the A name) gmail works.
When cloudlfare is on it doesn't work.
How can i fix that. I really need to use cloudflare as proxy.
Hello. Yes i ' ve seen that. I am convinced i have set dns correctly.
I have also tried to sync dns via the function in cyberpanel.
Still nothing


You will need to check with CloudFlare support to see why problem. If you believe it is related to cyberpanel dns function, you can check on cyberpanel forum. This is OLS forum and OLS has nothing to do with your email.