Failed Fresh install OpenLiteSpeed One click installation

Hello i got a bug on fresh install one click.

Ubuntu 18.04 + apt update && apt upgrade
wget --no-check-certificate && bash -w
Any idea ?
Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress.
Please be aware that your password was written to file '/usr/local/lsws/password'.
Installation finished. Some errors seem to have occured, please check this as you may need to manually fix them.

Testing ...
OK: test webAdmin page passed.
OK: test Example vhost page passed.
Error: test wordpress HTTP first page failed.
Error: test wordpress HTTPS first page failed.
Errors were encountered during testing. In many cases these errors can be solved manually by referring to installation logs.
Service loading issues can sometimes be resolved by performing a restart of the web server.
Reinstalling the web server can also help if neither of the above approaches resolve the issue.

If you run into any problems, they can sometimes be fixed by running with the --purgeall flag and reinstalling.
If you have an existing certificate and private key for your site, you will need to replace the example.key and example.crt in /usr/local/lsws/conf with these files.
Thanks for using "OpenLiteSpeed One click installation".


Hi @kifurax ,

I just installed on DigitalOcean Ubuntu 18.04 and it went well. Please share the output with command
apt list --installed | grep lsphp
May I also ask which cloud platform you tested on?



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I did such a test on a fresh Ubuntu 18.04, I got same error at the beginning and then when I did a purgeall and install again, it is fixed.
It seems the testing is too soon, should wait for a longer time to start the test.
I will do more testing and update the one click script later.
So can you do purgeall and do install again to try?
Hello thanks this was for quick production I switch to nginx but i will do more test too.
But i do a purge all and install again but was not working.
Thanks again for the quick answer