First time load slower than ngix


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I had a site running in ngix + varnish cache , My first time load is very slow . But most of my competitors sites load super fast .
When i had site in ngix + varnish first time load was like 800ms ,After when i intherated Digital ocean+Openlitespeed+LScache my first time loads ins like 3 sec and after tat site loads under 500ms . So what i am missing here . Is tere any other optimization i need to do ?
First time loading is always slow than later because at that time it is served from backend directly but not from the cache.
If you think 3 seconds is too long, we may have a look at the first serving log.
Please set the Errorlog level to 'DEBUG' / 'HIGH', restart openlitespeed web server and load a new page and then give us the relative log.