GCP complete guide exists?

Hello there..

I'm newbie on OLS, but not on GCP and Linux, generally (ie, high level of knowledge of Bitnami). However, for me is quite unclear almost entire content available on official docs (https://docs.litespeedtech.com/cloud/wordpress/index.html#step-2). Example is "Other Actions" section. There is zero links to those actions. Only very brief listing. Whatever, to not going further - question:

Did anybody can point me to any COMPLETE installation guide on Google Cloud Platform?
I see that is possible how my English is problem. So, I used Google Marketplace and launched install Google wizard. After it is finished I went to SSH and all is done by nice wizard as well. WordPress started well. I guess how it is your third option with "or lunch from google Cloud image". But now I'm not sure should I go further with "Other Actions" or not (is it all set or not?)?

If I understand you well, You suggest that I set all manually (your first option) instead of Marketplace and to use 1-click to be fully set, right? If so, why exists Marketplace image (if image is also not 'fully set' option)???

BTW - Cyberpanel is probably heavy for f1-micro instance, right (or not?)?
Or to put my question in another way. Is it everything what I should to do, what is displayed in video tutorial in link
Or there is to do also other settings after installation?