Global access log settings inherited by vHosts

With several vhosts configured that share many common settings, it would be very practical to be able to configure access log properties centrally.

During tests with no access log setting except for the file name configured for the vhosts, only the global log format setting seems to be inherited (which is already a huge help (y)). Other settings such as rolling size, keep days and compress archive need to be configured individually for each vhost though.


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Are you not able to use a VHost Template?

PS: I know I'm not because I am using CyberPanel, which is not VHost Template friendly unfortunately
@gilles Each vhost has at least some unique setting that I couldn't generically configure in a vhost template (mostly reverse proxy configurations with different back-end servers, external applications and/or rewrite rules).

In this regard (off-topic for this feature request though) I would love to have a different kind of "settings template" that could be applied to vhosts and acts as a set of default settings. Thus global settings -> inherited by settings template, can have overrides -> inherited by vhosts with settings template attached, can have overrides. Multiple of these could be assigned to a vhost with an assigned order which defines how settings are overwritten.
This can AFAIK already be achieved by writing partial configuration files (fragments) that are then included whenever needed. The OLS admin GUI doesn't support this configuration style though, so I avoided using it.

For now though inheritance of global access log settings would already reduce the configuration footprint for vhosts.
Regarding this it would then also help if the documentation would contain information on how/what settings are inherited and ideally the admin GUI could show what the currently inherited value for a setting is if not explicitly set by a vhost.