GTMetrix OpenLiteSpeed Cache

I have a droplet running Ubuntu+wordpress with Openlitespeed.

I test my site using GTMetrix. The result is :


content-typetext/html; charset=UTF-8
x-litespeed-cache miss
server LiteSpeed

the result always shows that my site misses the cache. It happens only in TTFB.

my domain is :

please help me to fix it. Thanks.


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Your site is good.
When the first time a page is accessed, since it does not have the cache stored, it will display the "x-litespeed-cache:miss " and then after stored, it will display "x-litespeed-cache:hit".
Thank you.
Hei David, Thanks for your answer.
so it's normal to get x-Litespeed-cache: miss at the first time load and x-Litespeed-cache: hit for the next visit?
Can we make the static content like menu, logo and some part to be always cacheable so it can decrease loading time for everyone who visits the site for the first time ??
sometime the TTFB takes 4,5s but sometimes it takes 1,3s.


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For the static file, usually it should not be cached since the cache entry is also a static file on disk.
We do have some feature to have the recent open-ed file cached in memory to reduce the response time.
If your site is too slow, you may need to check if there is other bottleneck.