Gzip not working last version OLS 1.4.27

can you try a phpinfo page, to see if it's compressed ?

also another simple hello.php page, just print some characters, to ensure its length > 300 bytes, to see if it's compressed.
Here is a test with a phpinfo:

The gzip compression is enabled in general settings and in virtualhost: enableGzip 1


By the way if for example I activate the Litespeed Cache plugin in wordpress and LSCACHE is activate in server gzip WORKS:


  1. X-Litespeed-Cache:
  2. X-Litespeed-Cache-Control:
  3. X-Litespeed-Tag:


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I just fixed this bug in the latest version 1.4.28. Can you try this version?
And for the GitHub last commit, I fixed another bug of duplicate response headers, so if you want to try 1.4.28, you may want to download the code from GitHub.
Thanks for your feedback.