Help, incomplete PHP71 from OLWS repository Debian 9

Discussion in 'Linux Support: Debian, Ubuntu, SolusOS etc' started by thekreek, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. thekreek

    thekreek New Member

    Hello, I been searching for a related issue with OLWS but I havent found something similar to my case.
    My current setup is Debian 9 (KVM, 512MB RAM) and OLWS 1.4.27 I been trying to setup PHP71 from the repositories but when I setup PHP71 for the template the PHP71 appears to be incomplete, there is no "bin" directory under $SERVER_ROOT/lsphp71/ , I'm using the official OLWS repository.

    Has anybody found a similar problem? I tried to compile PHP71 from source but it appears I'm running out of memory so compiling from source it's a no go for the moment?

    Does anybody have a similar setup under Debian (PHP 70 or 71)?
  2. lskagan

    lskagan Administrator

    What is the output if run the following command? `dpkg -l | grep lsphp`

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