[Help needed] 403 error


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I have been trying to work this out, but unable so far. I have an OLS installed in /usr/local/lsws, but everytime I make a new virtualhost in a directory such as /home/myname/domain.com/public it throws a 403 error. I know it's permission related, because it works within the actual server directory. /usr/local/lwsws

VirtualHost Root: /home/marcell/domain.com/
VirtualHost Doc Dir: $VH_ROOT/public

I was unable to fix it so far.. It works just fine, if I put the VirtualHost in /usr/local/lsws.

I tried to set it to Doc Root UID and even using the name of the home directory owner and group. marcell:marcell

Under Security, the Access is set to *

Not sure what's wrong, please advise.


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Of course, sorry.

It was with the paths. The trailing at the end of the most paths were missing. I know on Linux this describes the directory, but maybe, LS could check both without / and with / at the end, that would make it less confusing. :)