Help - OLS Stopped and Won't Start


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Hi, I have been using the OLS 1 click install for a bunch of sites on digital ocean. I have had no problems until today, one site stopped working. When I access the server via the console I get the error message "Failed to write to pid file:/tmp/lshttpd/! Failed to restart litespeed!"

This is a really basic site running practically a blank theme on ubuntu 18.04 (this is what the 1 click install uses). Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Update. I was able to see that I ran out of disk space that there 21GB of log files. I removed those and was able to restart litespeed with no issues after that. Now I need to figure out why I have 21GB of log files!
If you get a fair amount of traffic and have errors occurring this can strike far more often.
Was having some cache issues generating too many caches which caused a 'too many open files' error, which filled hard drive and turned instance into a vegetable every few hours. Even faster if trying to look through debug-level logs.

sudo crontab -e
*/30 * * * * rm /usr/local/lsws/logs/error.log.*
Removes extra log files every 30 minutes. It's probably a good idea to export to a backup prior to deletion in the long term.