High TTFB when litespeed cache is missed

Hi everyone,
I have some website on the same VPS using OLS and Cyberpanel.
I noticed that, when a visitor firstly sees a page(and cache has not been generated yet), the TTFB is quite high (around 2 to 3 seconds).
In headers I see: x-litespeed-cache: miss (which is okay, as I'm viewing the page for the first time).
TTFB decreased a bit after following this suggestion.
Is there any other way I can improve server response time?

Current VPS Specs: Hetzner CPx11, 2vCPU, 2GB RAM 2 Websites hosted.

I tried upgrading to a more powerful server (more cores and more ram), but the situation did not change



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Hi @kowalski215, it depends where the problem is coming from.

First, if you are getting good results with caching, you can use the crawler to pre-cache pages. Your visitors will see cached pages most of the time.
After that, you will want to figure out whether it's OLS or a backend issue (Wordpress and its plugins):
- For OLS, you may want to try different versions to see if one of them is getting you better results. I would advise to try the latest of the 1.6.* and te 1.7.* branches.
- If it's a Wordpress backend issue, it becomes more complex as your theme and many plugins are at play. This will require a deep analysis. The WP filter/action architecture makes it very customizable but it also means everything is getting called almost all the time, which makes everything very inefficient. Page builders are notorious for causing long load times, but there are also many badly-coded plugins.