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  1. enthess

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    Hello all!

    I must be nagging with questions, sorry for that! (But i really like this webserver)

    Don't think i've mentioned, but i am trying to set up a demo-backend REST API (which will later be live-backend) with OLS an PHP 7.

    It works marvellous!
    But sometime i get ~100ms on quite "small" REST calls.

    Here's a chart!


    From top to bottom:
    DNS-Respone (0 ms)
    Connecting (54 ms)
    Sending (0 ms)
    Waiting (76 ms)
    Receiving (5 ms)

    And in this PHP-function, i have a timer when it starts/stops, which is reporting 3-4 ms (so i guess PHP is very quick?).

    Can you hint me some tweaks and guides to improve server response even more?
    If you need any info about my current setup (without presenting the whole setup with ISP, Server hardware and all that), just tell and i'll supply as good as i can :)

    Cause, this is the very first serious OLS setup, so i might have set parameters badly from start, who knows, not me, thats why i ask :).
  2. lsfoo

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    Hi enthess,

    One option is to make PHP always available.

    In the external app settings, enable run on start up and set max idle time to -1. This will start a lsphp process on startup and it will stay alive forever.

  3. enthess

    enthess Member

    will check that!


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