Hosting multiple Wordpress sites using ols1clk script.

Hi folks,

I've just recently discovered OpenLiteSpeed. I've previously been setting up and using Nginx based stacks for hosting Wordpress on cloud servers, using scripts like WordOps and EasyEngine to handle the server deployment/configuration. OLS was highly recommended, so I am keen to try it out. I have a couple of questions:

1) Can I use the ols1clk script to install multiple and independent instances of Wordpress on an OLS server?

2) Is it fairly straight forward getting Let's Encrypt set up on multiple sites, with fully automated renewals, on OLS? I've read the article here, but see no mention of automating the renewals. I had a hell of a time getting that to work on EasyEngine 3, and that eventually caused me to cease using that deployment system. Which is why I am keen to confirm what's involved for LE on OLS.

3) I am essentially setting up a basic hosting environment (for hosting site belonging to my clients). Would it be a good idea to simply use OLS with Cyberpanel, and let CP handle the Wordpress and LE SSL installations / management?

Thanks very much,




1. ols1clk script does not provides multiple virtual hosts creation. You may want to do it manually from web admin or script( )
2. Basically certbot will auto create a cronjob here `/etc/cron.d/certbot` by default. To automate with litespeed is simple, just add a `--deploy-hook "/usr/local/lsws/bin/lswsctrl restart"` in the end of the cronjob.
3. Yes, it will be easier to host by CyberPanel in your case.