How optimize Openlitespeed settings to take advantage of server resources


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hello, I just migrated from nginx to a litespeed configuration, but the platform configuration files ( do not change as I increase the power of my server. My webserver is located on AWS EC2 and in this instance only Openlitespeed and Redis are running. My database is on another dedicated instance (RDS).

currently my EC2 instance is t3a.xlarge (4vcpu + 16GB):

but even with all this resource available and only 2,000 daily hits, I have been experiencing periods of maximum usage (overload) of the 4 CPU cores. I think it happens when some cron task is running. The overload problem is only with CPU, the amount of memory used on average is 2GB of 16GB.

My httpd_config.conf:
My LiteSpeed Advance Config (handler):

My FPM Config: My PHP settings:


it is application-level caused a lot of PHP processes, which lead to high load.

You should consider to enable cache for your Wordpress to reduce PHP processes.