How to connect to OLS on GCP with SSH/FTP Clients?

Hello, anyone can tell me how to connect to my OLS on GCP by SSH Clients such as bitvise or file zilla?
I tried with these credentials:

IP: my server IP
Port: IP
username: root or admin
password: password at: cat /home/ubuntu/.litespeed_password

But I can't connect.

Is there's anything wrong?

Thank you.


If you want to visit openlitespeed web admin, please do:
1. web admin port is not allowed by default, so you need to run `allow port 7080` from ssh console
2. then visit https:// public_IP:7080
3. Entering admin/your_password

To transfer file, you can use the same SSH credential to do the FTP file upload to e.g. /tmp/ folder.