How to create SSL certificates for DNS aliases?

I need to set up a Wordpress Multisite installation that has several domain names listening to the same virtual host. I have figured out how to set up the listeners to forward various domains to one virtual host. My problem is just the SSL setup. On the web interface I can define only one SSL certificate per virtual host. Is there anything in the configuration file I can use to achieve that? And is there any documentation about that?
So I can have several virtual hosts pointing to the same webspace? Will it start then a separate process for each one of them? And there are really no settings to have several SSL certificates on one virtual host? That would simplify the configuration.
Thanks, the virtual host templates are a real time saver and working very well. The only setting I need to repeat every time is the Virtual Host Root, because the definition in the template forces me to include $VH_NAME into the Virtual Host Root, and in the document root, it forces me to include $VH_ROOT. In my case where I have always the same path, it is complicating things just a little, but we can live with that. Also would be nice if those variables were documented in some place.

Yes I was curious to know if every virtual host needs a separate web server process, PHP process etc, and generating extra overhead, or if they are all able to work on the same process. Just for curiosity.


If your virtual hosts use the same php external app, and no suEXEC enabled, then it should share the same processes. But it's a good idea to separate it for security purposes for a shared server.