How to create virtual host without using webadmin ?

I'm trying to make virtual host without using webadmin, i have edited the httpd_config.conf file and added these lines and restart the openlitespeed 1600534712144.png
I can see my new virtual host at the virtual host list in my webadmin, but i cant see it in my vhosts directory, should i create it manually too ? or maybe there is another way ?
in case you guys are wondering why i want to make the vhost this way, cause i want to make automated deployment using jenkins, and i think it's the only way to setup the vhost.
Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me with this problem, THANK YOU, also sorry for my bad english




Maybe this script can give you some idea,
/bin/bash <( curl -sk ) -d
Feel free to download/use it.
Short answer - yes you'll need to create the directories and the conf file, and make sure the proper users have ownership (you should create new users for each vhost as well).

The Vhost Templates feature is interesting but I haven't explored it fully, I don't think it's documented anywhere? It looks like you can assign vhosts as children of that template and it will copy all of those settings to the child. Not sure if you can use the feature through scripts or what its limitations are.