how to install Lua support in OLS 1.6+

The Lua module installation instructions seem to assume you are using a version of OLS that still uses the configure script, but in version 1.6+ the configure script is no longer used. So how do I use Lua with version 1.64?
The lua module is not the problem. The problem is building OLS with full support for the Lua module. Up to 1.59 you could run the configure program with "--with-lua=yes" but now a different install method is used and there does not seem to be anywhere to put "--with-lua=yes". Maybe the litespeed devs just forgot about supporting the lua module with the new install method. I have really been quite disappointed with the poor documentation for this project. I guess if they had good documentation they would get less income from $150/hr tech support.

I really like OLS because of webadmin and because in theory it supports both lua and python scripting, but I can't get the python scripting to work (looks like I may have to pay someone to set it up for me) and now it seems like support for the lua module may have been dumped in newer versions. Very disappointing. Seems like it's all about money for these guys and the commercial customers probably just want an Apache clone and don't care about Python or Lua scripting. So sad.