How to make Magento fast with LiteMage, but even faster than light with LiteCache.


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The Magento shop system has been established as a shopping CMS for many years and is very popular. Unfortunately, there has been a handicap in terms of performance since day one. This handicap already existed in Magento 1 and has become even worse with Magento 2. Therefore, regardless of the version, Magento cannot be operated satisfactorily without a page cache.

Even though Magento has a built-in cache, this page cache is at best sufficient for a staging site, which is why Adobe recommends Varnish as the supposedly better solution. Although Varnish is apparently better than Magento's built-in cache, Varnish is only a limited cache solution. In order to use Varnish, you need an upstream server that acts as a proxy. Apart from the additional costs and additional administration effort, the knockout argument is Varnish's lack of SSL support. The commercial version of Varnish does support SSL, but the cost of licensing this version is beyond what the mere mortal would be able to afford such high costs. At this point, Magento can no longer be used as a community version. But there are alternatives that, although not free, are much cheaper and are many times better than Varnish.

LiteMage. HighSpeed PageCache for Magento 2
LiteMage is a LiteSpeed product and was developed specifically for Magento. LiteMage can do everything better and faster than Varnish, without requiring any special or additional hardware, special hosting or special technical knowledge. LiteMage outperforms Varnish in every way and costs just a fraction of the costs of running Varnish. The performance comparisons between Varnish and LiteMage speak for themselves, regardless of whether Varnish is operated with Apache or nginx.

However, and very few people know this, LiteMage is nothing special and it is not a page cache specifically programmed for Magento. LiteMage == LScache and LScache is the cache engine of the LiteSpeed web server. LScache is included as a free plugin in many free cache plugins such as the cache plugin for Wordpress, OpenCart, PrestaShop and many other CMS. LiteMage is therefore just a marketing term, but nothing else. Nevertheless, LiteMage is, or was, the ultimate solution when it came to significantly improving Magento performance. The requirements for using LiteMage are so low that LiteMage can also be used on shared hosting, although LiteSpeed allows you to pay for the number of cache hits from a certain number of hits. LiteMage is therefore not free, but it is many times cheaper than Varnish.

Is there anything better than LiteMage that doesn't incur any follow-up costs?

LiteCache®! A new star is born!
What the hell is LiteCache? In simple words, LiteCache® is the result of LiteSpeed web server and the cache engine LScache, but not the same as the primitive version LiteMage. LiteCache® sees itself as a holistic solution that is otherwise only found in elaborately programmed LScache plugins. LiteCache® therefore not only provides the LScache as an ON/Off solution, but also provides a wide-ranging and convenient range of functions. Unlike LiteMage, which essentially only allows the LScache function to be on/off, LiteCache® allows variable and individual configuration of which pages should be cached with which TTL. However, this functionality only becomes meaningless when you can use LiteCache® to exclude the cache for certain pages or certain parameters from caching. Otherwise, pages that are not allowed to be cached will be cached. LiteCache's range of functions is extensive, but it is easy and quick to use thanks to a clear GUI.

Another crucial feature of LiteCache® is the provision of the private cache. Registered users no longer have to do without LScache as with LiteMage, so that registered users also benefit from a significantly increased loading time.

LiteCache® is rounded off by Kitt the cache crawler. Kitt or LiteCache® is 1 unit and forms the dream team. Kitt has been the ultimate and only 3rd party cache warmup crawler for LScache for several years. Kitt is high performance and faster than light! :).

Stay tuned for LiteCache® and the Kitt Cache Crawler. LiteCache® for Magento will soon be available for free download. You can already test what awaits you with Kitt the cache crawler for LiteSpeed.

Come in and found at, an authorized LiteSpeed support partner.

Control Panel demo for LiteCache for Magento:
User: Demo
Pass: Demo
Note: Demo account has restrictions. You can see everything, but you are not allowed to touch everything. ;)
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