how to open network log ? (ssl setup issue)

hi, i'm new for building a website.
I setup my website by folowing the ssl document :
my certificate is from vultr .

however,after following the document,my website still display not secure , which means it may be redirect to 80 port.
i'm not sure where i setup wrong , i checked the setting and socument several time.

any way that i can lookup network log on openlite speed ,to get more information about my ssl setup issue?


I checked the config, and it looks good. The issue is probably that your WordPress URL or Home URL is set to the server IP, so the domain redirects to the IP address, and the certificate does not match the domain so it is shown as insecure.


I meant the certificate setup is correct.
The certificate won't match the IP, you need to fix that redirect issue from WordPress.

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already change it! and it's now working fine! thanks a lot!
but would you mind remove the ip and domain info from the reply?
thank you for the help