htaccess with appserver (node)


Is it possible to read .htaccess rules when using node?

I tried here, but it didn't work. Setting the same rules on a rewrite{} block on vhost.conf it worked as expected...

Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Can someone please test too? :)


Hi @paulozlx ,

If you use context method, you can try:
Go to your openlitespeed web admin -> Virtual host -> context ,e.g. `/`
- Set Enable Rewrite to `Yes`
- Set Rewrite Rules to `rewriteFile /usr/local/lsws/Example/html/.htaccess`

Feel free to replace your own .htaccess file path, then do a graceful restart.

I did enable autoload but it didn't work.
I'm super busy this week, but I'll try to do some more testing with debug enabled and then I'll share my config here so you can check ;)