HTML comments getting stripped on one vhost but not the rest

Hi I'm getting pretty confused at how this has happened.

So I have multiple vhosts. The one that my main site is on has HTML comments all stripped for the client, but the rest of my vhosts aren't even though I did nothing different when creating the others than the first, besides them being in a deeper level folder compared to my main vhost from my webroot_lsws home folder. Any way I can set it myself so that each of the vhosts do the same behavior on stripping comments? I am so confused.
Is it a pure HTML or it's a CMS? Maybe some plugin did optimize job ?
All flat file none CMS HTML in PHP files obviously so can make use of PHP to have a cross site theme template plus automated things using PHP here and there. Nothing that stripes comments at all though.
Okkk that reminded me about hold on there's the option in Cloudflare. In speed then optimization. Minify HTML, CSS and JS. Though that just seems to simply really be removing comments.

Going to look at that pagespeed module as I don't have that but if that does the same job then well at least it's something done already that isn't dependent on if I've remembered to turn optimization on in Cloudflare or not lol.

Once upon a time in 2016 did the mistake though of enabling hotlink protection both in cPanel when I used litespeed shared hosting and in Cloudflare and the vHost just literally was broken permanently image wise lol. Never made that mistake again lol! Cloudflare is great but also gotta be careful of what you do!