HTTPS for admin panel?


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Hello everyone,

I would like to use HSTS on my website, but this effectively prevents me to use Openlitespeed web admin panel wich uses port 7080 (my domain is on HSTS list, so the browsers force to use https) .

I thought about setting up a HTTPS listener on port 7080, but currently I see no listener for this port on the panel (for HTTP), though the port works and apparently uses lsws. This is not a suitable place for trial and error, as an evident error would mean locking oneself out from the admin panel.

How do I get the Openlitespeed web admin control panel on port 7080 to use https and the same LetsEncrypt SSL cert I already have?
Under WebAdmin Settings > Listeners > General you can set it to Secure, but before restarting the lsws you need to make sure you have a valid SSL certificate and it is also set under the SSL tab.