Https greatly increases response time

I'm using OLS and when I put it to test on the HTTPs option it increases the response time too much at the beginning, and then it drops sharply.

Is this something on the side or on my server?

Do you have any tips on how to solve this?

I'm using the Letscript certificate used by Cyberpanel, do you have any idea if this has anything to do with it?

Should Cloudflare's help more?

Thank you!



Hi @Cold-Egg

Sorry not to specify, these tests are:

HTTP = 10,000 Clients per Second
HTTPs = 5,000 Clients per Second

Is it normalizing HTTPs to be much slower?
Is that I'm setting up a Woo and unfortunately online store need SSL.


Sorry to bother you, but do you think it's normal for HTTPs to drop server capacity so much? Is there any specific configuration to be done in OLS or is it prepared for HTTPs.

I'm using Droplet with Cyberpanel


Hi @ofmarconi ,

The number of HTTPS lower than HTTP is expected to me, HTTPS will go through handshakes and encrypt/decrypt key process. It might be helpful a little if you use the ECC certificate.