https working perfectly but I haven't applied certbot key!

Hi! I am using app engine on Google Cloud Platform.
I don't use any "domain name" setting where Google says they support free SSL and domain matching.

I installed OLS django and I set up the admin section as written in OLS django manual except for one thing:
I didn't put my certificate and private? key (.pem extension) to my admin site.

But interestingly https works perfectly including https redirection with my domain!
How is it possible? I want to use the normal path so that I can assure it works as I expected though.

and BTW I used certbot command and it created just one file?
But OLS requires certificate and private files respectively I guess?
I don't have any clue as to what is wrong with this.

Thanks for your help in advance!

Do you mean this image on the GCP marketplace ?
And the Django Manual you followed is this one
If so, did you set up the Certificate via the prompt script? It basically applies the Let's Encrypt certificate for you and sets in the OLS SSL automatically.
Thank you for your help!
Yes thats right. It's from the marketplace Django Openlitespeed.
Then I dont have to renew it and dont have to do the SSL file location settins mentioned in the manual?
But it's still strange that the SSL file location name indicated just shown as "
example(it's from my memory so maybe it's not)where I should specify certificate and private key file
Hi, to specify your certificate location, you can either put it on the listener > SSL or virtual host > SSL
Thank you but you mentioned it is automatically set(without typing certbot command?) , but it is automatically renewed as well?
Otherwise I need to renew it myself so I need to know how to configure it.

and certbot command created just one file and is it a certificate file? but in the manual I need to specify 1> private key file 2> certificate file location.
In this case I should just type in the location of the latter right?

Thank you again!