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  1. Fearless

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    After upgrading to the most recent update I received many of these errors:
     [INFO] [HttpVHost::addUrlStaticFileMatch] try to insert but failed, may be a code bug, NEED TO CHECK CODE.
    Any idea what it means?

  2. lsfoo

    lsfoo Administrator

    Hi @Fearless

    This message means that we tried to store information in our static url matching cache, but it failed.

    I made a change that fixes this, but need to make sure that your situation matches.

    What url did you visit and what does it become? For me, the issue arose when visiting and it is autoindexed to

    If your situation is similar, I can give you a couple snippets of code to fix this if you want.

  3. Fearless

    Fearless Member

    Hmm, there wasn't any URL supplied in the error log, or did you mean to test each page by hand? On my development server, I actually don't receive the error, so it's kind of hard to test. On my live server, I had to downgrade back to previous version because after some hours, the webserver would stop working. Lsws would still show as active and running though... Restarting lsws doesn't fix the issue, but rebooting the whole server does. Are those errors causing this, or is it a different issue?
  4. lsfoo

    lsfoo Administrator

    I would like to know what you type into the browser exactly and what file it correlates with.

    For example, I came across the issue when typing, but it eventually leads to

    Regarding the stops working issue, did you experience a high CPU usage or memory usage during this time?

    Based on your description, it sounds like there was no crash, so there probably isn't a core file.
  5. Fearless

    Fearless Member

    Since the URL is not listed, how would I find the "exact" URL? I'm thinking most, if not all pages were generating the error considering the amount of them I received. In your example with the index.html, I have URL rewrites to index.php instead to match variables.

    Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to check the memory usage when it stopped working as I wasn't able to catch the issue immediately. Yea, not sure what was wrong, the status showed as active and running, but the server isn't working. As soon as I downgrade the server instantly is working again.
  6. lsfoo

    lsfoo Administrator

    Ok, if 1.4.25 is currently working for you, it may be easier to just leave it at that version for now. Hopefully 1.4.27 will come out soon enough and we can see if the change fixes the issue for you.
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