I am new to Docker and need a little explanation

Hi guys,
I have been around web servers for more than 2 years. However, I only have experience with Virtualmin, ISPConfig and Vesta and have not ventured into the world of containerisation before.

I now run two new panels CWP and of Course Cyberpanel with Open Litespeed (which leads me to my queastion)

I have setup a default docker container image in Cyberpanel, however, I dont really understand how one is supposed to interract with the docker from a web control panel in such a way as to actually do something with it! I can access the default "Open Lite Speed" URL and get the expected browser screen showing litespeed has been successfully installed.

What confuses me is this...
1. My Cyberpanel instance is already running on OpenLiteSpeed on the same IP Address
2. My aim is to find an alternative to providing shared web hosting services on my vps. I want to setup multiple containers containing a Wordpress website on each.

I dont know what i am supposed to do next?