Images over SSL aren't displayed on Chrome


Fernando Olvera


I recently start to use OpenLiteSpeed for one of my web sites, but today I realized that some images served over SSL aren't displayed just on Google Chrome both on Desktop version as the mobile one, first thing I checked was the rewrites and even I disabled them just for testing but the problem was not resolved so I checked if SPDY was the problem but I had no luck, even I tried with cleaning cache, cookies, etc, but the problem persist, also I tryed to compile OLSWS into a new VPS based on Debian Wheezy but I have exactly the same problem.

For now I move my site to Apache while I find a solution. Hope you can help me or at least give me some ideas to try to solve it. Thanks!

PD: Apache and Nginx works perfectly with my website and don't have any problems related to the images over SSL.


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Hey Fernando,

Sorry we missed this one. I see you've posted to the Google Group. It seems like you might be in need of their services. We tend to answer configuration questions on this forum. But bugs really go to that group because that's where the developers like to hang out.