index.html served through h2 while assets through h3 quic

Hello, I have a OpenLiteSpeed 1.7.9 server setup
my website serves index.html with h2 protocol although assets in the same web-folder are served with h3 protocol
do you know where I should start search for the issue/mis-configuration? (SSL with Let's encrypt)
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Thank you very much for the reply Cold-Egg
Yes I have also used the checker that shows h3 supported, maybe because it has the header? (inspected first request in dev tools shows header with all the h3 values).

But in Chrome's dev tools network the index.html is transfered via h2 and not h3 (while the image is transfered via h3) both of them are stored in same folder.

Shouldn't index.html file have been transfered through h3? at least in others sites with h3 I can see the page request done through http/3
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Thank you very much Pong for your reply and your screenshot :). Ok so I'll let it be :D although it bothers me a bit that I can see facebook, youtube etc pages with green thunder icon (h3 connection enabled) while visiting my website is done through h2 connection(blue thunder icon) :cautious:

Again thank you both!
Hm Something I notice. If you refresh by using "Empty cache and hard reload" it will not load the page with http/3 (even Youtube, google, Facebook) etc
and it will use the http/3 at the second refresh.
But for some reason my website doesn't reset back to http/3
I opened the image that was served through http/3 in a new tab and pressed "Empty cache and hard reload" and now my chrome is loading the image through h2.
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