Install Comodo SSL Certification

I'm sorry if I'm asking a question which asked before.
But, I searched a lot and not found clear information or step by step guide.
I need help urgently and I will be glad to hear your instructions.

I installed OpenLiteSpeed on Google Cloud with One Click installation solution.
There is an option for installing Let's Encrypt SSL certification.
I created one for my domain.
But, I need a more secure connection and bought an SSL certification from Comodo.
I tried to install it.
How can I install Comodo SSL instead of Let's Encrypt?

I copied my key and .crt file to the server under my /home/user
Then, I changed the certification path from WebAdmin.
But, there is still Let's encrypt SSL shown when I open the website on the browser.

Please help me to solve this issue.

Best Regards,



Did you point the new cert&key from Web admin > Virtual Hosts > WordPress > SSL or Web admin > Listener?
The cert in Virtual host will overwrite listener's.

Hi Eric,

Yes, I upload my key&crt file to my home directory on server.
After that, I opened Listener wordpressssl > SSL and edit SSL Private Key & Certificate path to point my key and crt file.
But, I didn't point files under Web admin > Virtual Hosts > WordPress > SSL
I will try that now.
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