Install OLS as Non-Root User

I understand the build process has become fairly more complex on newer OLS builds- since now we have ./ for automated dependency installation on a normal root-based install. As of 1.7.14, is it still possible to install and run OLS as a non-root user?

My use case is for running OLS containers using cgroup2 user namespaces on the container host. I'd like to further isolate the OLS environment by running it as a separate user. The current docker build doesn't support doing that.

I plan on building a custom image for this- but before I continue down this rabbit hole- I was wondering if there's still any build support for running OLS as a non-root user.


Since OLS supports ./ for a long time, and it's more recommended. Not many users tried the non-root-user method, maybe you can give it a try, and share the test result.