install php-fpm with php 7.0.3 in ols

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  1. hi all again,
    i know i have asked many question :D and i'm srry
    in this case
    how can i do the title?
    i installed php 7.0.3 on ols and in configure section i wrote --enable-fpm
    so now what ?
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  2. lsfoo

    lsfoo Administrator

    Hi Seyed,

    Is there a reason for php-fpm specifically? LiteSpeed's SAPI should have better performance compared to php-fpm.

    Either way, if you were able to successfully compile PHP 7, another user asked a similar question regarding getting it working. Check this out, starting on comment 4.

  3. you say it has better performance without it??
    so if you say (and because i trust a good support like you) there is no need to install it any more

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