Installing cPanel on LiteSpeed WordPress (GCP)

I am trying to set up a WordPress installation using a cPanel backup provided by a third party who can offer zero support.

I have tried a few installations of various sorts, but there has always been one problem or another. So I decided to create a LiteSpeed WordPress installation from Google Cloud Marketplace.

I have absolutely no idea if cPanel is part of this installation, the documentation is pretty unclear. It does talk about cPanel in an entire section, but I can't made head nor tail of it.

Does it include cPanel? If so, how to I access it? If not, how do I install it?

I tried the cPanel instructions to install it manually in the shell, but the installer complains that is does not support Ubuntu 22.

What options do I have? All I want to do is restore the WordPress installation from this cPanel backup!


No, it does not mention any cPanel on the page at all, and this has no cPanel included.

If you want to set up a cPanel server in order to restore the cPanel backup, then you were looking at the wrong place.

If you have an issue during the cpanel setup, please ask on the cPanel forum or contact their support.

I'd recommend you just find a cPanel hosting company, and let them help you to do the restore.
Ok, thanks.

“You were looking at the wrong place.” Where is the right place?

Also, once I’ve had a company restore my site, would I not them be locked into that company? How could I get the site out once again in a format suitable for LS WP, because, having had a poke around, I prefer it to the standard WP?