Installing openlitespeed on ubuntu 22.04

I'm trying to install OLS from binary + php on ubuntu 22.04
This command doesn't work
sudo wget -O - | sudo bash
Moreover, gpp key is essential part of php installation and so on.
Does repo exist for 22.04?
Thanks a lot for a fast reply
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Soon in like 1 year ?

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish) was released on April 21, 2022
So that was more then 1 month ago, why is this not updated ...............
Watching this thread because I was planning to deploy CyberPanel and figured I might as well deploy on the latest Ubuntu LTS to avoid the hassle of having to migrate down the line. The CyberPanel team has updated their code base for 22.04 and are now only waiting for OLS to officially release with 22.04 support before pushing their release. Hopefully this all happens in July / August judging by the responses on this thread :).
Probably a small team that maintains it judging from the replies. Since it's free all one can do is wait and that's ok.
As I know Litespeed Repo is for Enterprise users too and I am running a LSWS... I opened a ticket from Premium Support with high priority but 1 day past still dont get the reply :((
I am in the same boat (waiting since March). I switched from cpanel with litespeed to cyberpanel a long time ago. At that time Ubuntu was not supported by CP, so I had to go with centos 7. After what happened to centos...backports have basically dried up even for critical vulnerabilities maintaining the server has become a chore.

I have OLS running on 22.04 on my test server VM and it works fine....but I really need a repository package to deploy cyberpanel and litespeed into a live environment.

This is the time of year for me to make such a change...web traffic is far too heavy other times of the year. I want to use 22.04 so that I do not get caught in a backport trap again and I do not trust the centos replacements.