Is Fedora working?

I am using fedora 28 on my desktop and i really want to start with some simple web-project there.

I dont want to use good ol apache, i really like ols. But it doesnt seem to be working with Fedora?


What problem are you experiencing? Can you share a little bit more about commands you run and error you experienced? We don't normally test on fedora, but it normally should be similar to CentOS.
Nothing in particular, I didnt try to build it from source.
I tried to add the repos but it failed.

I am pretty much asking for any guidelines if you or anyone else has properly set it up.

And yes, it is quite similar to centos/rhel so, it shouldnt be impossible :D


maybe list details what you did and how it failed. without such information, we don't know where you were stacked.
rpm -ivh litespeed repo... then i gave up xD

When trying to build, i got this error during "make"

In file included from iptogeo.cpp:19:
iptogeo.h:26:10: fatal error: GeoIP.h: No such file or directory
#include "GeoIP.h"
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the repo is not for Fedora 28.
but you should be able to install from source code.

looks like your server missing geoip-dev package. Did you miss something from this wiki?

such as:
yum install gcc gcc-c++ make autoconf glibc rcs
yum install pcre-devel openssl-devel expat-devel geoip-devel zlib-devel udns-devel

I run a installation test on fedora 28 by following the above wiki and OLS was installed successfully and is running without any problem.
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This seems to be working yes.

Fedora runs natively php 7.2
And even if i ran ./configure --with-lsphp7 , it still installed lsphp5 and now i am compiling lsphp7 from OLS admin (works beautifully).
But it would be nice if "--with-lsphp7" worked out of scratch.


--with-lsphp7 is just a name, equipped with a default experimental very small lsphp5.6 binary which can not be used for any applicaiton, you will still need to install lsphp binary through compiling yourself( for Fedora 28) or rpm installation for CentOS systems or package installation for Debian/Ubuntu systems.

If remi PHP repo works on Fedora 28(not sure, and never test it), you can use it as well. remi has lsphp binary built as well.

Installation of OLS web server and installation of PHP are separate processes.

that's why there are separate wikis.

I would recommend you might want to go through a couple of knowledge bases there and you might have all your answers there.
Feel free to ask if wikis are not clear or if you have more questions beyond wikis.
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