Is it ok to install Lets Chat on GCP openlitespeed-wordpress


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Lets Chat is an open source self-hosted chat app and i was looking to install it on my GCP openlitespeed-wordpress deployement.
It requires Node.js MongoDB and Python which can be installed on Ubuntu, but before i jump into it i just wanted to confirm if it won't cause any problems with my current OLS wp deployement. Or if there's any other self hosted open source chat app which works with openlitespeed-wordpress. Thank you


Better you test it on your test server before trying them on your production server. It depends on how did you install openlitespeed-wordpress deployment. most likely they will be based on MySQL or MariaDB, not sure if MariaDB has any conflict with your MongoDB. For node.js and python, you can refer OLB KB to check how to setup them up on OLS.