Let's get acquainted!


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It is customary to get acquainted here in this branch and I accepted this invitation.

my name is Anna.I live in the capital of Crimea and I am Russian. All my maternal relatives lived in Crimea. The truth for me is known only up to the sixth generation.
(the burial of a relative dates back to 1868)

My hobby is fragrant and vintage roses. (in the video, an edible rose ) More recently, I learned about the huge historical heritage that roses bear. And China and India and Persia. And only then Bulgaria, France, England, Russia.
The most favorite rose petal dish for me is Julajubin.
by link a track from my channel

And this is my father's hobby. White flying pigeons.
People need a kind reminder of the wonderful moments of their lives.
I helped him arrange everything in the Internet space.

And I am also a student of the Faculty of Economics of the Crimean Federal University.
In today's World, business success is impossible without a decent representation in the Internet space. Therefore, I decided to enroll in the Alibaba Cloud Student Academy founded by the great philanthropist Jack Ma. And get the knowledge to be in demand in the labor market.
And since the solutions are from the company https://www.litespeedtech.com/ my decision to study the LiteSpeed server product has become simple and understandable.

I am very glad to all those who have read my acquaintance !