LiteSpeed Slowdown wp !!???

Did anyone facing this issue ?

LiteSpeed keep generating cache files inside wp-content directory !!

when I test my site performance with gtmatrix or google or any other site, it says that I should remove that file which under unused css files !


I remove the file and it keep generating .. so do you have any solution to change the generation path from my website directory to any place in my root directory,

I tried to do that from htaccess but it still not changed


can anyone help to change the cache file path to somewhere else



The /min/XXXXX files are combined or minified CSS/JS , you can turn it off if you don't want it.

remove unused CSS is something else , not due to this.

basically in certain case (most likely the mobile page), certain CSS that from theme or plugin is added into mobile page and triggered this warning.

You can see if you disable CSS minify/combine and test again, there will be more unused CSS file in the list.

It appears there could be a new feature in LSCWP 3.0 to address such issue.

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