LSPHP equivalent to phpsessionclean?

Hi guys, I've been reading up on temp directories and maybe putting the PHP session path onto tmpfs, and I noticed LSPHP doesn't have any of the methods of cleaning out old sessions mentioned below. So does it have another method?

I managed to figure out that vhost-related sessions are stored in /var/lib/lsphp/session, but I notice that there are still sessions from months ago when I launched the first VPS. Most are empty, but they're still present.

I've seen mention of a phpsessionclean.service which is responsible for clearing out old PHP sessions, but I have not found anything like this registered on my servers.

I've also read about the systemd-tmpfiles-clean.service which will read conf files from /usr/lib/tmpfiles.d or /etc/tmpfiles.d, but again there are no files in here relate to LSWS or any additional directives inside the existing conf files.

So, is there an alternate method that LSPHP employs or do I have to create a systemd timer/service?