lsphp74-gd missing on Debian

I'm afraid gd is missing in the latest lsphp74, the module is not loaded and I cannot find a way to install it.

I saw that in (this-forum)/threads/lsphp72-gd-for-debian.3572/ lskagan told it should be included in the lsphp74-common, but mine is installed and yet gd is not available.

What should I do?
I tried both by compiling it from the panel and by installing it via apt

It is a machine from OVH, the uname shows
# uname -a
Linux limburg 4.19.0-10-cloud-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 4.19.132-1 (2020-07-24) x86_64 GNU/Linux
And I'm running OLS 1.6.15
# sudo /usr/local/lsws/bin/lshttpd -v
LiteSpeed/1.6.15 Open
    module versions:
    modgzip 1.1
    cache 1.62
    modinspector 1.1
    uploadprogress 1.1
    mod_security 1.3
(built: Wed Aug  5 17:58:31 UTC 2020)
    module versions:
    modgzip 1.1
    cache 1.62
    modinspector 1.1
    uploadprogress 1.1
    mod_security 1.3
In PHP the error I get is that I don't have gd_info(), when I try to install lsphp74-gd I cannot find it.
# sudo apt search lsphp74
Sorting... Done
Full Text Search... Done
lsphp74/buster,now 7.4.9-1+buster amd64 [installed]
  server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (LSAPI binary)

lsphp74-apcu/buster,now 5.1.18-2+buster amd64 [installed]
  APC User Cache for PHP

lsphp74-apcu-dbgsym/buster 5.1.18-2+buster amd64
  debug symbols for lsphp74-apcu

lsphp74-common/buster,now 7.4.9-1+buster all [installed]
  Common files for packages built from the PHP source

lsphp74-curl/buster,now 7.4.9-1+buster amd64 [installed]
  CURL module for PHP

lsphp74-dbg/buster 7.4.9-1+buster amd64
  Debug symbols for LSPHP70

lsphp74-dev/buster 7.4.9-1+buster amd64
  Files for PHP70 module development

lsphp74-igbinary/buster,now 3.0.1-2+buster amd64 [installed,automatic]
  igbinary PHP serializer

lsphp74-igbinary-dbgsym/buster 3.0.1-2+buster amd64
  debug symbols for lsphp74-igbinary

lsphp74-imagick/buster,now 3.4.4-2+buster amd64 [installed]
  Provides a wrapper to the ImageMagick library

lsphp74-imagick-dbgsym/buster 3.4.4-2+buster amd64
  debug symbols for lsphp74-imagick

lsphp74-imap/buster,now 7.4.9-1+buster amd64 [installed]
  IMAP module for PHP

lsphp74-intl/buster 7.4.9-1+buster amd64
  Internationalisation module for PHP

lsphp74-ioncube/buster 10.4.1-1+buster amd64
  PHP extension for interfacing with ioncube

lsphp74-json/buster,now 7.4.9-1+buster amd64 [installed]
  JSON module for PHP

lsphp74-ldap/buster 7.4.9-1+buster amd64
  LDAP module for PHP

lsphp74-memcached/buster,now 3.1.5-2+buster amd64 [installed]
  memcached extension module for PHP, uses libmemcached

lsphp74-memcached-dbgsym/buster 3.1.5-2+buster amd64
  debug symbols for lsphp74-memcached

lsphp74-modules-source/buster 7.4.9-1+buster all
  PHP 70 modules source package

lsphp74-msgpack/buster,now 2.0.3-2+buster amd64 [installed,automatic]
  PHP extension for interfacing with MessagePack

lsphp74-msgpack-dbgsym/buster 2.0.3-2+buster amd64
  debug symbols for lsphp74-msgpack

lsphp74-mysql/buster,now 7.4.9-1+buster amd64 [installed]
  MySQL module for PHP

lsphp74-opcache/buster,now 7.4.9-1+buster amd64 [installed]
  Zend OpCache module for PHP

lsphp74-pear/buster 1.10.10-2+buster all
  Provides PHP PEAR package

lsphp74-pgsql/buster 7.4.9-1+buster amd64
  PostgreSQL module for PHP

lsphp74-pspell/buster 7.4.9-1+buster amd64
  pspell module for PHP

lsphp74-redis/buster,now 5.1.1-2+buster amd64 [installed]
  PHP extension for interfacing with Redis

lsphp74-redis-dbgsym/buster 5.1.1-2+buster amd64
  debug symbols for lsphp74-redis

lsphp74-snmp/buster 7.4.9-1+buster amd64
  SNMP module for PHP

lsphp74-sqlite3/buster,now 7.4.9-1+buster amd64 [installed]
  SQLite3 module for PHP

lsphp74-sybase/buster 7.4.9-1+buster amd64
  Sybase module for PHP

lsphp74-tidy/buster 7.4.9-1+buster amd64
  tidy module for PHP