lsrecaptcha behind reverse proxy

Hey guys! :D

I'm doing some tests with lsrecaptcha so we can protect wordpress admin page from bots, and when I was testing with only OLS, everything worked great. However, the moment I put nginx in front of OLS as reverse proxy, the captcha is never triggered. It seems the request is always accepted and the page loads fine.
Unfortunately we must have a nginx in front of OLS -always-, so removing nginx is not an option. :(

Is it possible to use lsrecaptcha behind a proxy? Maybe I should change some env variable?

I'm already using the useIpInProxyHeader so the correct REMOTE_ADDR is set on OLS.

Just to update the topic for anyone else: This has been fixed and the fix will be available in the next version, 1.5.8

these guys are super fast to do bugfix, insane :)